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Aug 27, 2020

Welcome to the dental-ish podcast! This week’s topic “Twice As Good”, our hosts Martelle Coke, Chris Williams and Anaika Forbes chat with Twice Toothpaste Co-Founders Julian and Cody Levine 

Episode Highlights

Special guests: Julian and Cody Levine, Chris’ new business Perfect 32, Taffy’s social calendar, Twice toothpaste collaboration with BrownGirl, RDH, Twice’s story, “Would You Rather” Guest segment, -ish of the day:mean treatment of a temp dental hygienist , dental-ish topic of the week: you don’t have to be a dental provider to care for the oral health of others.


“I’m a fan of number 5, number 5 sounds good”

"Supporting Black Businesses does not mean selling a $20 t-shirt for $85”

“Glo Good was really set up to bring full service dentistry to underserved communities”

“I promise you, I’m going to give you your smile back”

“This was the first time I had ever seen...felt the power of a smile”

“For 5 days, we treated almost 400 people”

“This mission completely changed my life”

“We saw the consequences of what happens when you neglect your oral health”

“When there is representation, when a black patient can look in the eyes of a black professional they can see a path, opportunity, a profession they can fall in love with”

“Giving back has always been in our DNA”

“What do I have as my privilege and how do I use that to the advantage of other people”

“I’m not going to be a brand that stands by, I’m not going to be a brand that’s passive”

“An abundance mindset”

“Giving Mentality”

“You don’t have to be a dental provider to care for the oral health of others”


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