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Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to the dental-ish podcast! This week our hosts Martelle Coke, Chris Williams and Anaika Forbes sit down with Karese Laguerre, RDH, Orofacial Myologist/Myofunctional Therapist and owner of The Myo Spot in “My-O-My”. 


Episode Highlights: 

Catching up with everyone, Advancing the Dental Hygiene Profession, Would You Rather Guest Segment, -ish of the day: Chadwick Boseman, dental-ish topic of the week: Pay a stranger a compliment




“As parents, we don’t really talk about the issues with our kids”

“You carry some sort of shame about that as a parent”

“Common does not equal normal and/or healthy”

“We are in abundance; we are not in competition with each other”

“Breathing is not meant to be heard”

“We are so much more than that, we are healthcare professionals”

“I am not your competition, I am proof that it can be done”

“We do so much more than clean teeth”


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